Asphalt Repair and Maintenance

Dixon Paving & Milling Inc. offers both new pavement construction projects as well as asphalt repair and maintenance. Often times the most economical solution for existing driveways, parking lots and roadways is asphalt milling. Milling refers to altering the top layer of pavement. A milling machine scrapes off the top layer and directly replaces it with new asphalt. The result is a smoother, renewed paved surface.

Another benefit of milling is that asphalt is easy to recycle. In a time where going green is more important than ever, Milling existing pavement is an economical and earth-friendly alternative to completely new construction. This is one time where going green can really save you some green!

Get rid of the potholes and uneven pavement and make your project feel new again. No longer will you have to worry about bending a rim, tripping or other safety concerns once Dixon Paving & Milling Inc. has repaired your existing project. Whether you are interested in repairing a small home driveway, large commercial parking lot, a roadway, or an airport runway; we have an economical solution producing a quality result. 

Starting new construction? No problem! We are knowledgeable and skilled at new construction projects as well as maintenance. Our highly-trained team and state of the art machines make new construction a breeze. We can tackle projects of any size – from small drive ways to major highways.

We are happy to serve the Southeast! Call us for asphalt repair and maintenance 919-830-8498!